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• The enrollment reported on this page represents the previous day's enrollment. For instance, although the first day of classes for Summer 2013, Session A was May 20; the actual information for the first day of classes is reported on the May 21 report.
• Because calendars shift, in order to compare enrollments-to-date effectively, focus on the number of orientations offered. Choosing calendar dates where the number of orientations conducted match or closely match will yield more comparable information during the summer registration process.
• For comparison purpose, in spring 2014, student Enrollment for PUAF is mapped to PP on every Monday from BOT date.
• Korea enrollments are included in Preliminary Enrollment starting in Fall 2015, Korea enrollments are not included from spring 2014 to spring 2015 .
• Data for US Campus is not available before spring 2017, so there is no comparison reports for "US Campus".